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Studentlandlord.com is part of the Pad Group and was set up in December 1999 as an independent advisor and provider in the search for your ideal student accommodation. Based in Brough, East Yorkshire, we work with higher education institutions all over the UK. Today we are the leading company for online-based accommodation platforms, constantly improving our high-quality products and services. Over 100 universities and colleges trust in Studentpad, including renowned places like Oxford University and L.S.E..

Studentlandlord.com, the sister site of Studentpad.co.uk, was developed to provide landlords, who supply accommodation to students or who are thinking about doing so, with easy to understand, helpful, practical advice. We work with housing solicitors in an attempt to provide you with the latest legal advice.

We do hope that you find our tips useful in becoming a successful student landlord. Although we source legal advice, we cannot guarantee that this will be suitable for your situation and advise seeking legal council, as this information is provided as a source of guidance only.

Studentpad will allow you to advertise your property successfully to the student market.

You can register an account by selecting an institution or town from the list, once on their website, click on the landlords tab and follow the instructions displayed on the "Register Now - How to advertise your property" page.

Studentpad traffic has grown constantly since we set up. In 2013 we attracetd over 2.5 million visits collectively to our sites and 18.4 million pages views. We have had 24 new institutions since these statistics were generated and therefore the numbers will be far greater for this coming year, with further institutions planning to create a studentpad site in 2015 already. We endeavour to provide a comprehensive and constantly expanding database and presently 231,500 students have registered to receive email updates about new properties.

Over 1.2 million students use our software which os more than half the student population, and is ever growing.

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